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Battery Power Solutions Freedom V² CPAP Battery Kit for Respironics DreamStation & System One 60 Series

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The Freedom V² CPAP Battery by Battery Power Solutions gives you the freedom to power your CPAP machine when and where you need it!

The Freedom V² features variable voltage output (12V-24V) combined with streamlined smart DC output cables with dynamic control technology to offer maximum efficiency and compatibility. This design means if you change CPAP machines you won’t have to purchase a whole new battery – you will just need a new output cable. 

It is compact and lightweight making it great for use as a travel battery to power your CPAP machine while camping or on a red-eye flight. It can also be setup as a battery backup system to provide continuous power to your CPAP machine in the event of a power outage.

This Freedom V² CPAP Battery Kit includes the DC output cable required to connect the battery to a Respironics DreamStation series or Respironics System One 60 series machine. If you need longer run times or you use a BiPAP machine, you can order a dual battery kit and bridge two Freedom V² batteries together for more power.    

The Quick Charge 3.0 USB port lets you use the Freedom V² to charge your favorite portable electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, and more.

Product Features:

  • Portable design weighs just 1.7 lbs. (per battery) and fits in most CPAP machine cases
  • Variable voltage output, smart DC cables and dynamic control technology offer greater efficiency from the original Freedom CPAP Battery
  • Ideal travel CPAP battery for use while camping, boating or on road trips
  • Safe for air travel and perfect for use on long international or red-eye flights
    • FAA compliant for lithium-ion batteries taken in carry-on baggage
  • Use as an uninterrupted battery backup system during power outages
  • Provides 1-2 nights of power to a Respironics DreamStation and 1-3 nights of power to a Respironics System One 60 series machine
    • standard CPAP on pressure setting of 10 cm/H20
    • no heated humidification or heated tubing
    • night = 7-8 hours
  • Dual battery kit option to bridge two Freedom V² batteries together for longer run times
  • Quick Charge 3.0 USB port for charging cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, and more
  • Digital display screen easily shows the battery charge level
  • Options for charging the battery in a vehicle (Auto Charge DC Cable or Sine Wave Power Inverter) or using solar power (Freedom 50W Solar Panel)

 Freedom V² CPAP Battery Charging Notes:

  • The Respironics DreamStation or System One 60 series AC power supply is used to charge the Freedom V² CPAP Battery and it connects directly to the DC IN port of the battery.

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 What's Included:

 *Dual battery kit will also include the Freedom V² CPAP Battery with Bridge Cable.

**CPAP machine NOT included.

The Freedom V² CPAP Battery is intended to provide external battery power to CPAP and other PAP devices when AC power is unavailable during travel or power outages. The Freedom V² battery can also be used to charge most common portable electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets.

Note: Use of the Freedom V² CPAP Battery with a device that has higher amperage requirements than the output of the battery (over 8A) may cause the internal circuitry of the battery to shut off to protect from thermal runaway.

 Cell Type:  Rechargeable lithium-ion (LG/Samsung ICR18650)
 Casing:  Aluminum alloy
 Capacity:  99.9 Wh
 Output Voltage Range:  12V-24V DC (depending on DC output cable)
 Output Current:  8A (maximum)
 Average Run Times:  DreamStation = Single Battery: 1-2 nights | Dual Batteries: 2-4 nights
 System One 60 Series = Single Battery: 1-3 nights | Dual Batteries: 3-5 nights
 *night = 7 to 8 hrs
 DC Input Voltage Range:  10V-28V
 QC 3.0 USB Output Voltage:  5V | 2.4A (maximum)
 Charge Input:  10V-28V
 Optimal Charging Conditions:  32°F to 104°F
 Optimal Operating Conditions:  23°F to 104°F
 *battery capacity is reduced by 30% when operating between 23°F to 32°F
 Charge Time:  2-3 hrs
 *charge time is per battery and based on using the Respironics or Freedom V² AC power supply
 Power Gauge:  Digital display screen (shows charge level as a percentage)
 Storage Conditions:  -4ºF to 104ºF
 *optimal range is 60ºF to 80ºF
 Life Span:  500 charge/discharge cycles (100%-0% then back to 100%)
 *after 500 cycles the battery shall recover at least 70% of its initial charge
 Weight:  1.7 lbs.
 Dimensions:  7.5 " x 4.8" x 0.8" (L x W x H)
 Warranty:  1 year limited


Average Run Time Notes:

Many factors can affect how long the Freedom V² CPAP Battery battery will power your PAP device, including, but not limited to the device type (CPAP, BiPAP, AVAP, VPAP, etc.) pressure setting, your mask fit, and the use of heated humidification or heated tubing.

  • Using heated humidification and/or heated tubing will significantly reduce expected run times by up to two thirds in most cases and in some cases could prevent the battery from being able to power your PAP device. For optimal battery performance you should disable or detach your humidifier and heated tubing.

  • BiPAP/BiLevel devices will have lower run times as the pressure setting is not constant and changes throughout the night requiring more power to operate the device. For these types of devices a dual battery setup is always recommended.

To increase average run times the Freedom V² CPAP Battery can be used in a dual battery configuration by bridging two Freedom V² batteries together.

Average run times are based on Respironics DreamStation or System One 60 series CPAP machines without the use of heated humidification or heated tubing on a pressure setting of 10 cm/H20.

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