JAY J3 Back

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Due to the complex options associated with this product it is not available for sale online. Please call 800-443-7091 to place your order with a Sales Representative.
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The JAY J3 Wheelchair Back series offers an array of width, height and contour depths to provide a truly custom fit for each user. This lightweight, adjustable foam wheelchair back is available with a variety of hardware options making installation easier than ever! The J3 comes with a stretch Lycra outer cover with spacer fabric that helps reduce surface tension and promotes proper immersion into the back.

Contour Depth
With five available contour shapes the correct lateral, lateral thoracic or lateral pelvic support can be obtained:

  • Posterior (PA): 2.2" of lateral thoracic support
  • Posterior Lateral (PL): 3" of lateral thoracic support
  • Posterior Deep (PD): 6" of lateral support
  • Posterior Deep Lateral (PDL): 6" of lateral thoracic support
  • Posterior Deep Contour (PDC): 6" of lateral pelvic support

Support Height
Trunk stability requirements can be accommodated with the varying support height options:

  • Lower Thoracic (LT): 6.5" to 9.5"
  • Mid Thoracic (MT): 12" to 15"
  • Upper Thoracic (UT): 16.5" to 19.5"
  • Shoulder Height (SH): 21" to 24"

Within each support height option you choose between short, medium or tall to accommodate for the user's torso height.

Hardware Options
Installation is easier than ever before with the four available hardware options:

  • SH: Easy to install, 2-point, quick release hardware allows for various attaching positions
    • offers 2.25" of depth adjustment and +/- 20° of back angle adjustment

  • RH: 25% lighter than SH hardware and ideal for use on ultralight wheelchairs
    • offers 1.75" of depth adjustment and +/- 10° of back angle adjustment

  • TH: 2-point, quick-release hardware optimized for tilt-n-space wheelchairs with a lengthened attachment pin and 500 lb. weight capacity
    • offers 2.25" of depth adjustment and +/- 20° of back angle adjustment

  • 4-Point: Quick-release hardware that withstands greater force by distributing across four mounting locations

Product Features:

  • Five contour shapes for correct lateral, lateral thoracic or lateral pelvic support
  • Four support height levels to accommodate trunk stability requirements and torso height
  • Four hardware options make installation easier than ever
  • Machine washable Lycra stretch cover with spacer fabric
  • Available with several options and upgrades including:
    • headrest mounting hardware and pads
    • lateral thoracic supports 
    • spine-align kits and lumbar supports
    • carbon fiber shell for ultimate lightweight performance
    • HV (heating/ventilation) Surface Technology to help manage temperature for maximum comfort
  • Weight capacity: 12" - 20" = 300 lbs. | 22" - 26" = 500 lbs.

The JAY J3 wheelchair back is available with a variety of upgrades and accessories including spine align positioning components, lateral thoracic pads, chest straps/harnesses, head supports, & HV (Heating/Ventilation) Technology. You can also choose from several custom JAY Your Way Modifications. With so many options you are sure to find the exact fit and support needed for the most comfortable seating experience!

ORDERING NOTE: Due to the complex options and available upgrades associated with this product it is not available for sale online. Please see the Downloads tab above to view the J3 order form and order guide as well as the Jay Your Way Options Brochure and call us to place your order with a Sales Representative.

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 Shell:   Lightweight, Contoured
 Lateral Contour Support:  Posterior (PA): 2.2" 
 Posterior Lateral (PL): 3" 
 Posterior Deep (DP): 6"
 Posterior Deep Lateral (PDL): 6"
 Posterior Deep Contour (PDC): 6"
 Foam Insert:  Soft 1-1/2" Thick
 Outer Cover:  Spacer Fabric & Lycra Stretch Outer Layer
 Width Range:  12" to 26"
 Height:  Lower Thoracic: 6.5" | 8" | 9.5"
 Mid Thoracic: 12" | 13.5" | 15"
 Upper Thoracic: 16.5" | 18" | 19.5"
 Shoulder Height: 21" | 22.5" | 24"
 Hardware Options:  RH | SH | TH | 4-Point
 Hardware Angle Adjustability:  20°
 Hardware Width Adjustability:  +2"
 Frame Tubing Compatibility:  3/4" - 1-1/8"
 Headrest Mount Available:  Yes
 Jay Your Way Modifications Available:  Yes
 Weight:  1.4 lbs. and up (without hardware)
 Weight Capacity:  12" - 20" = 300 lbs. | 22" - 26" = 500 lbs.




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