JAY Non-Skid Honeycomb Solid Seat Insert

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The JAY Non-Skid Solid Seat Insert allows you to have a solid base beneath your wheelchair cushion to improve seat positioning and reduce the "hammocking" effect of sling style wheelchair seat upholstery

This insert fits inside shower cap style cushion covers and is often paired with the JAY J2 wheelchair Cushion to maximize your overall comfort and support. 

Product Features:

  • Aluminum core with honeycomb construction
  • Non-skid outer cover stays in place
  • Lighter weight alternative to a solid wood insert
  • Provides a solid base underneath the wheelchair cushion
  • Reduces the "hammocking" effect from sling style wheelchair seat upholstery
  • Helps improve overall seating and positioning
  • Fits inside shower cap style cushion covers
  • Also available in a solid wood construction:
  • Weight capacity 250 lbs.

NOTE: Only the outer non-skid material can be cut down in width and depth; the Honeycomb insert is not modifiable. See the Specifications tab above for complete sizing details.

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  Complete Insert Honeycomb Insert
 Part#  Dimension A  Dimension B  Dimension C  Dimension D  Dimension E
 S2108  13.5"  16"  9.25"  13"  0.25"
 S2105  15"  16"  11.25"  13"  0.25"
 S2106  15"  18"  11.25"  15"  0.25"
 S2107  15"  20"   11.25"  17"  0.25"
 S2117  16.5"  17"  12.25"  14"  0.25"
 S2100  17.5"  16"  13.25"  13"  0.25"
 S2101  17.5"  18"  13.25"  15"  0.25"
 S2103  17.5"  20"   13.25"  17"  0.25"
 S2116  19.5"  16"  15.25"  13"  0.25"
 S2118  19.5"  18"  15.25"  15"  0.25"
 S2102  19.5"  20"  15.25"  17"  0.25"
 S2104  23.5"  20"  19.25"  17"  0.25"


NOTE: The dotted square in the middle of the above diagram is the Honeycomb insert and the dotted round in the middle is the foam between the non-skid cover and the Honeycomb insert. Only the outer non-skid material can be cut down in width and depth; the Honeycomb insert is not modifiable.





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