Kaye Products Anterior Chest Support Walker with Forearm Supports

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Kaye Products Anterior Chest Support Walkers with Forearm Supports were were specifically designed for children and young adults who are able to support weight on their legs and take steps but lack the ability to use the upper extremities to maintain balance for walking with more traditional walkers. These chest support walkers are a wonderful tool for assisting those with more severe levels of spasticity, spastic-athetosis or ataxia.

The Forearm supports allow users with asymmetrical strength in the upper extremities or limited hand dexterity to lean on their forearms for support when they are unable to grip the handle to propel a standard chest support walker.

The 5" diameter front swivel wheels are made of rubber compound to increase ease of maneuverability and turning. They can be locked into straight tracking mode and then unlocked for varied use. The rear wheels are 3" fixed directional, one-way ratchet wheels made of hard plastic. Ratchet wheels prevent backward movement and help develop a more normal walking rhythm with added safety and control.

Numerous adjustments are available making it simple to accommodate multiple users in therapy or school settings. This gait training walker folds for easy transport and storage.

Product Features:

  • Wide, stable frame is lightweight and height adjustable
  • Adjustable forearm supports for those who must lean on their forearms to propel the walker
  • Adjustable chest cushion angle and lateral support cushion distance
  • 5" front swivel wheels with wheel locks 
  • 3" ratchet rear wheels help prevent the walker frοm rolling backwards and away frοm the user
  • Folds for easy transport and storage
  • Available in four sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large
  • Also available without forearm supports:
  • Weight capacity: 85 lbs. to 180 lbs. (depending on walker size)

Optional Accessories:
The following accessories may be ordered with the Anterior Chest Support Walker with Forearm Supports. Please call for pricing.

  • Swivel Limiters
  • Variable Resistance Rear Wheels
  • Soft Sling Support
  • Forearm Support Straps

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   X-Small (Y1FS) Small (Y2FS) Medium (Y3FS) Large (Y4FS)
 Height to Top of Forearm Cushion (floor to elbow):  18" - 22.5"  21.5" - 30"  28" - 39.5"  37" - 45" 
 Chest Cushions (W x H):  5" x 6"  6.5" x 8"  7.5" x 9.25"  7.5" - 9.25"
 Greatest Outside Dimensions (L x W):  25" x 24"  32" x 26"  37" x 26"  45" x 26"
 Distance Between Forearm Cushions:  6" - 10"  6.5" - 12.5"  10" - 17"  12.5" - 19"
 Distance Between Trunk Support Cushions:  6" - 10"  8" - 12"  9" - 15"  10" - 15.5"
 Distance Between Forearm Cushion and Handgrip:  1.5" - 5"  1.5" - 5.5"  1.5" - 5.5"  3" - 7"
 Weight Capacity:  85 lbs.  85 lbs.  130 lbs.  180 lbs.




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