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Ki Mobility Axiom SP Fluid Cushion

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The Ki Mobility Axiom SP Fluid uses a Hydrolite fluid bladder insert to provide increased immersion and envelopment rather than the Viscoelastic foam insert used in the Axiom SP Visco

Hydrolite is a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning it has different viscocities when under stress. It acts like a solid under gravity, but flows like a fluid when under load, which helps minimize shear. It is lighter than traditional fluid inserts so it doesn't add additional weight to the cushion. It is also less temperature sensitive than other fluids which allows for more consistent performance regardless of climate.

The Axiom SP Fluid is constructed with dual density polyurethane foam base that has a firm support in the lower layer with a durable comfort layer on top. The Hydrolite fluid bladder sits on top of the waterproof inner cover which reduces surface tension and maximizes envelopment.

This positioning and skin protection foam wheelchair cushion has a 4-way Lycra stretch outer cover that reduces surface tension and features a microclimatic spacer fabric layer with horseshoe design around the well for layer reduction.

The pleated stretch inner cover features a self-sealing zipper for water resistance and is easy to clean. The loop zipper pull makes it easy to put on and remove the cover and the easy-to-reach front handle with utility loops is great for hanging accessories like keys.

Product Features:

  • Positioning and skin protection foam cushion
  • Dual density polyurethane foam base offers firm support in the lower layer with comfort top layer
  • Hydrolite fluid bladder helps minimize shear and provides consistent performance regardless of climate
  • 4-way stretch Lycra outer cover with microclimatic spacer reduces surface tension
  • Pleated 4-way stretch inner cover has a self-sealing zipper, is water-resistant and is easy to clean

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 Base:  Dual density polyurethane foam base with Hydrolite fluid bladder insert
 Inner Cover:  Water-resistant, pleated 4-way stretch fabric with self-sealing zipper
 Outer Cover:  4-way stretch Lycra with microclimatic spacer fabric layer
 Width:  14" - 22"
 Depth:  14" - 22"
 Leg Troughs Height:  3.25"
 Overall Height:  4.5"
 Weight:  3.6 lbs.
 Weight Capacity:  350 lbs.




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