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ROHO Mid Profile Smart Check Cushion

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Appropriate for those at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown.
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The Mid Profile Smart Check wheelchair cushion incorporates all of the features you love about the standard Mid Profile Single Compartment cushion including ROHO’s industry-leading Dry Floatation adjustable air cell design that provides unmatched skin/soft tissue protection and maximum pressure distribution with the addition of Smart Check technology!

Smart Check uses an electronic feedback sensor system (Sensor Ready) that is built into the cushion to allow you to save your desired inflation level range and check it at a later time to indicate whether adjustments are needed to stay within that range. This Sensor Ready technology can either determine the correct inflation range for you (Smart Setup Mode) or let you adjust the inflation range manually (Optional Setup Mode). Once the range is determined it is stored inside the cushion sensor. 

When you want to monitor your inflation level simply connect the hand-held Smart Check hand control to the cushion, press the “check” button and the lights on the controller will alert you if your cushion has maintained your desired inflation level or if adjustments (more or less air) are needed. 

This innovative system gives you the confidence and peace of mind to easily monitor the inflation level of your cushion and ensure that is meeting your desired comfort and pressure relief needs anytime, anywhere.

Product Features:

  • Smart and Optional setup modes to determine your proper inflation range
  • Stores your individual inflation range within the cushion sensor
  • Ability to reset the inflation range as your needs change
  • Smart Check hand control allows you to monitor your inflation range at any time with a touch of a button and instantly alerts you if adjustments are needed
  • Unlimited frequency to check inflation range
  • Smart Check hand control automatically powers off, has a long battery life and low battery indicator (batteries can be easily replaced)
  • Available with a standard or heavy duty/incontinence cushion cover

The Mid Profile Smart Check cushion is appropriate for individuals who:

  • have a history of, currently have or may be at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown
  • have normal or impaired sensation
  • require accommodation of pelvic asymmetry; up to approximately 2.25"
  • want instant feedback and peace of mind that the cushion inflation level is correct

Product Notes:

  • Smart Check hand control only operates with single compartment SR (Sensor Ready) Hybrid Elite, Mid Profile or High Profile cushions and cannot be used with any other ROHO cushion.
  • Records and saves only one inflation range at a time; however, range can be reset at any time.
  • ROHO cushion sizes are based on the size of the wheelchair not by the size of cushion.
Looking for a replacement cover for your ROHO Mid Profile Smart Check Cushion? CLICK HERE for the standard replacement cover or CLICK HERE for the heavy duty replacement cover.

 Includes:  Mid Profile cushion, cover, Smart Check hand control, inflation pump, repair kit,
 and operation manual.
 Construction:  Flame-resistant black neoprene (latex-free)
 Sizes (W x D):  Fits a wide range of chair widths from 15" to 20"
 Height:  3.25" (without load)
 Weight:  3 lbs. (varies by cushion size)
 Weight Capacity:  None if properly sized to the individual 
 Warranty:  24 month limited for cushion and Smart Check | 6 month limited for cover




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