Urocare Reusable Odor-Free Latex Urinary Leg Bag

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  • Made in the U.S.A.

Urocare’s Reusable Latex Leg Bags feature a built-in odor barrier on the inside and outside of the leg bag for ultimate odor protection. These reusable leg bags also feature Urocare's patented high-flow, self-cleaning little red anti-reflux valve which prevents urine back-flow while maintaining fast, uninterrupted drainage.

These popular urinary leg bags are available 11 different sizes including sport models that are worn horizontally across the leg between shorts, skirts and swimsuits.


  • Reusable Leg Bag
  • Standard Top Adaptor (#6002)
  • Little Red Anti-Reflux Valve (#6001)
  • (3) Latex Leg Straps (#6004)
  • Standard Bottom Drain Valve (#6004)

Product Features:

  • Double odor protection barrier
  • Easy to use twist valve drain
  • Includes Urocare's patented little red anti-reflux valve to prevent urine back pressure
  • Reusable design for continued use
  • Available in 11 different sizes (see specifications tab for sizes)
  • Sold individually

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 8509  Small  9.75" x 3.38"  9 oz. (250mL)
 8510  Small Sport - Left  4.75" x 10"  10 oz. (300mL)
 9510  Small Sport - Right  4.75" x 10"  10 oz. (300mL)
 8526  Short Wide  13.38" x 4.75"  26 oz. (800mL)
 8518  Medium  13" x 3.75"  18 oz. (550mL)
 9526  Long Slim  20.63" x 3.75"  26 oz. (800mL)
 9532  Large  16.75" x 4.75"  32 oz. (1000mL)
 8516  Large Sport - Left  5.75" x 10"  16 oz. (500mL)
 9516  Large Sport - Right  5.75" x 10"  16 oz. (500mL)
 8532  Large Oval  13" x 7"  32 oz. (1000mL)
 9544  X-Large  20.63" x 4.75"  44 oz. (1300 ml)




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  • 4
    Sweet Leg Bag

    Posted by G. Geagney on Sep 10th 2018

    This is a sweet leg bag. My only complaint is that as is the way with latex leg bags they tend to get air in them after emptying and then as the bag fills again the liquid sloshes as you walk. Urocare would be wise to add the little red valve to the bottom of the bag and then when the air is expelled from the bag the emptying process would not allow air to reenter the bag and thus stop the sloshing. I have machining capability and have made this modification to mine and it works quite well now. Still probably the best thing going in a leg bag at the time. (original post date October 31, 2010)

  • 5
    Good Leg Bag

    Posted by Luke on Sep 10th 2018

    Very good item. To avoid air in the bag, press on it to expel the air before closing the tap. (original post date July 31, 2011)

  • 5
    Use with Urolux Cleaner

    Posted by Michael on Sep 10th 2018

    Urocare latex collection bags and sheath urinals are pleasantly scented and odor free as supplied. When used with a dilute solution of UROLUX Cleaner they remain odor free even after repeated uses when allowed to dry for the next extended use cycle. Care Medical Source has the best prices on these items. And, if one currently buys at least $95 of supplies shipping charges are free of charge. That is much appreciated. Better shipping deals were offered in the past when the free shipping was offered at $75. In any event, we thank Care Medical Source for supporting sheath urinal users with these and other medical supply products! (original post date April 12, 2015)

  • 5
    Great with Leg Strap Kit

    Posted by Ken on Sep 10th 2018

    I've been using this bag for many years. One thing I would like to add to the previous reviews is that I like the UROCARE Fabric Leg Strap Kit for Latex Leg Bags (available on Care Medical Source) for holding the leg bag on my leg. It secures the bag much better than the latex straps. My only complaint about the bag is the plastic clamp on the emptying tube supplied with the bag. It gets weak and fails sooner than the bag. Fortunately, CMS sells them, too. You might want to order an extra one with your bag. (original post date August 8, 2015)

  • 5

    Posted by Theodore Rawles on Sep 10th 2018

    I have been using several of your products urinary bags and have been taken care of with patience, understanding and compassion from one of your customer service agent Ms. Heather Campbell I have been fortune enough to have her take my orders. If Ms. Campbell is an example for the rest of your agent KUDOS! to your company! (original post date April 1, 2016)